An important stage of the project

An important stage of the Positive re-integration of imprisoned and released persons through Adult Education project

Photo 1. Holding an information session

Photo 2. Post-testing

Currently, the project's consultants are holding information sessions that help former convicts learn more about privileged opportunities that they had no idea about before, for example, free additional education, rights to receive medical, legal, and psychological assistance, as well as various support in employment.

It is worth to note that this project is aimed at integrating released persons through training. Knowledge and confidence in the future help many released persons choose a new path in life and prevent relapse, protecting them from returning to places of detention.

How are sessions conducted and what are they?

For effective training, project consultants conduct pre and posttest. The test results help trainers to track progress in training, and also clearly follow pre-prepared courses before and after release, in which all information of interest to the beneficiaries is presented. Each course is divided into several main chapters that focus on the relevance of post-release life goals, first steps, and health information.

In addition, before being released, the project participants will receive a memo, which will become their constant assistant in social issues and much more.

The "Positive re-integration of imprisoned and released persons through Adult Education" project is being implemented in partnership with the State Penitentiary Service and the Agency for Primary and Vocational Education by the public fund "AIDS Foundation East-West in the Kyrgyz Republic" (AFEW Kyrgyzstan), with financial support from DVV International.

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