In order to promote the development of potential of the Culture and Leisure Centers of the Population, the DVV International in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of…

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DVV International Uzbekistan implements the project “Re-entry pathway into society for (ex-)prisoners”. The project is implemented with financial support from the European Union and Federal…

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In an era of growing globalization, the world faces not only new opportunities, but also new challenges. Along with structural socio-economic and political changes, the knowledge economy is being…

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The partnership activities of the NGO "Republican Center for Socio-Economic Development of the Republican Center for Social and Economic Development of the Republican Center for Social and…

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The project is implemented jointly by the NGO «Mekhrjon» and DVV International Uzbekistan, with financial support from the German Federal Foreign Office.

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Projects of DVV International in Uzbekistan

DVV International Uzbekistan works at three levels in order to establish social structures enabling sustainable impacts of adult learning and education and lifelong learning – micro, meso and macro levels.

More detailed information about projects of DVV International in Uzbekistan:

1. Re-entry pathway into society for (ex-)prisoners

2. Social support and protection of rights of the rural population living in the Fergana valley

3. Preventing Violent Extremism in Central Asia (PREVECA)

4. Innovation Fund 2019

5. Promoting development of the continuing education for staff in vocational education

6. Contribution the Centers of culture to the development of potential

7. "SABR"

8. Study: Adult Learning and Education in Uzbekistan

9. Out of prison, out of society

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