Positive re-integration of imprisoned and released persons through Adult Education

Duration of the project, 2021: April – November

Implementing Organization:

AFEW Kyrgyzstan.


Contracting Authority:

Project donor: BMZ

Funding (amount): € 35 857

Duration of the project, 2021: April – November

Implementing Organization:

Public Foundation "AIDS Fund East-West in the Kyrgyz Republic" (AFEW Kyrgyzstan)



Ms. Chinara Imankulova, AFEW Kyrgyzstan, project manager

Bishkek city, microdistrict Djal-15, House 14, Office 103

Tel/fax: +996 312 240266, 240267

e-mail: chinara.imankulova@afew.kg


Ms. Jarkynay Usupova, DVV International in the Kyrgyz Republic, project manager


Bishkek city, str. 402, Frunze

Tel: +996 312 32 39 01
       +996 558 99 55 76

e-mail: usupova@dvv-international.kg


Location(s) of the action:

Bishkek city

Chuy region


Activities meso and micro levels

Overall objective of the project:

Empowering detainees before and after release to positive reintegration into society through education.

Objective of meso level:

Capacity building of the project partners on social reintegration of detainees after release on the practice of another country.


Objective of micro level:

Economic empowerment and access for pre- and post-released detainees to legal, social and medical assistance.


Target group:

Pre- and post-released detainees;

12 detainees who have no more than half a year (6 months) left before their release will participate at the course “Computer Graphics Design in the Marketing” provided by team of Professional Lyceum #5;

96 detainees who have no more than 6 months left before release will take a part in the special course on “Preparation for release”;

96 detainees after release will participate in the course “Integration and adaptation of released from penal institutions”


Project activities:

Study trip to Uzbekistan to exchange of experience in working with detainees in detention and after release;

Needs assessment of detainees in detention and after release for vocational guidance;

Development of the training program “Preparation for release”;

Courses for detainees “Preparation for release”;

Professional training course for detainees on “Designer of computer graphics in marketing”

Development of a curriculum “Integration and adaptation of released detainees”;

Courses for ex-detainees on “Integration and adaptation of released detainees”;

Development and publication of the informational brochures for released detainees.


Study the approach in working with detainees in Uzbekistan, adopt the best practices and implement them in the work in the Kyrgyz penal system.

The results of the assessment will help to adjust the existing courses, if necessary, repurpose the available resources for training in new professional skills, which will enable to enhance chances of released detainees to raise economic capacities.

The training course includes a detailed program for 4 hours during 5 days, description of the necessary resources for each session, the semantic content of each session with presentations and handouts if necessary. The course includes up-to-date and verified data.   

96 detainees who are going for release have completed a training course on preparation for release within 6 months and are aware where and how to receive the necessary social, domestic and legal services after release in the civilian sector.

5 staff member of Penal Institutions have been trained to provide preparation activities to detainees for release and can consult detainees after the completion of the project.

12 detainees completed a 300-hour course and acquired modern skills in computer graphics.

The Professional Lyceum No.5 received an equipped room for teaching various professional skills using a computer and promotes new modern professions in the Lyceum. 

The training course includes a detailed program for 5 days of 4 hours, a description of the necessary resources for each session, the semantic content of each session with presentations and handouts if necessary. Includes up-to-date, verified data on referral for receiving services, namely, which organizations released detainee need to contact, addresses and contact numbers and other necessary information.

96 released detainees completed the training course and improved their economic status.

300 detainees preparing for release received a brochure and used the information after their release.


Project partners:

The State Penitentiary Service (www.gsin.kg) is a government agency with which AFEW has been cooperating since 2004. Cooperation will be aimed at improving the quality of vocational training for detainees. New programs have been developed and tested to prepare detainees for their release. The activities will be carried out on the basis of Penal Institutions No. 1, 2, 27.

The Agency for Primary and Vocational Education (www.kesip.kg) is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and is responsible for state vocational education institutions. The cooperation is aimed at further improving the vocational training of detainees and introducing a new course. The activities will be held on the basis of the Professional Lyceum No. 5.


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