Peace-building Partnership Annual Action Programme 2012/ Support to in-country actors to prevent and respond to crisis in fragile and conflict-affected situations - Kyrgyz Republic

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(January 2019- present) – Duration 12 months

Overall objective: Create training areas for training on the basis of pilot libraries of Kyrgyzstan


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(May 2019- present)

What is Curriculum globALE?

A cross-cultural core curriculum for the training of adult educators worldwide.


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(March 2017-February 2019)

Overall objective: To foster a cohesive, democratic society in Kyrgyzstan through involving and capacitating various stakeholders, especially youth actors, in the…

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(January 2016 - February 2018)

Overall objective: Raising civic engagement of the youth through non-formal education


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(January 1997- present)

Overall objective: Advocacy and lobbying of Lifelong Education for All in the countries


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