Non-government partners DVV International in Tajikistan

Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia

The Non-government, Nonprofit Public Organization "Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia of Tajikistan" is promoting the development of democratic reforms and improvement of quality of life of the citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan, through the effective use the potential of scientific and technical intelligentsia and strengthening the role of non-profit sector by realizing of social, informational, coordinating, educational, consulting programs. Read more

NGO "Youth House"

The Youth House – NGO is a non–governmental, not-for-profit, and non-religious organization whose mission is to assist disadvantage social groups, first and foremost children and youth, to become healthy contributors to their communities through the creation of opportunities for positive self-development and self-realization. Read more

Adult Education Association Tajikistan

The Goal of the organisation is to contribute to the poverty reduction in Tajikistan through the development of the formal and non-formal Adult education. For doing so, the Association facilitates partnerships between state structures, employers and civil society organisations; helps to elaborate up-to-date and demand driven curricula; implements lobbying activities for Adult education, promotes development of Adult education in Tajikistan and implements research and alalysis of Adult education structures in the country. Read more

NGO “Jahon”

NGO “Jahon” is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization aimed at improving organizational capacity of civil society organizations and human rights promotion through social partnerships between state and non-state sectors in Tajikistan.  Jahon partners with DVV International to improve access to educational services for prisoners at the penitentiary institutions. Read more

Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law

Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization aimed at improving access to justice for vulnerable and all groups of population in Tajikistan. Bureau partners with DVV International to provide legal and social support to the ex-prisoners to help them with social reintegration. Read more

PO "Saodat" was established in 1999 and has republican status.

The activities are aimed at improving the women’s status in society. During activity period, more than 20 projects and studies have been implemented to ensure access of women and children to resources.

The activity covers all regions of Sughd and some districts of Khatlon regions of Tajikistan Republic. The organization actively implements its interests through membership in network of Rule of Law and Access to Justice, the Adult Association in Tajikistan Republic, through the climate network in Tajikistan Republic and others.

Currently the organization is implementing the project with the financial support of US Embassy in Tajikistan "Future without extremism".

Within the framework of cooperation with the DVV International, the organization is implementing the project "Promotion of adult education in Tajikistan" to create a community learning center (CLC) in Guliston city of Sughd Region.

The organization covers activities on the site:

The Public Organisation League of Women with Disabilities "Ishtirok"

is voluntary homing, non-governmental noncommercial, public formation organization established in 2005 in Tajikistan.

The purpose of creation and direction of activity of the organization is: Representation, protection and promotion of interests, equal rights and equal opportunities of girls, women and children with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities of Republic Tajikistan.


For achievement of main objectives, the organization solves following problems:

  • participation in working out of social policy, the legislative and other statutory acts connected with social protection of women and children with disabilities;
  • assistance to women and children with disabilities in realisation of their rights and privileges;
  • realisation of own programs on social, medical, labour, educational, professional and labour rehabilitation of people with disabilities, creation of workplaces for them, employment, physical training and sports;
  • assistance in implementation of the «Law on social security of people with disabilities in Republic of Tajikistan», other laws of Republic of Tajikistan;
  • assistance in the implementation of researches on women and children with disabilities issues and participation in it;
  • development of national and international links with the organisations of people with disabilities and other international organisations;
  • financial and material support of projects promoting improvement of a life of women and children with disabilities;
  • establish rehabilitation and crisis centers; • open the centers on studying different vocational skills including computers and other various courses on purpose to educate people with disabilities;
  • assistance and financial aid rendering in opening small business, farms and other industrial structures in the Organization, and also in branches of the Organization for the purpose of employment of women with disabilities;
  • open the advisory centres on women and children with disabilities issues;
  • realisation of other kind of activities not contradicting the Republic Tajikistan current legislation.
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