New Solutions to New Challenges

Due to the global pandemic traditional learning and training formats were transformed. Thus, most of the activities of the "Capacity building and institutional development of the Adult Education Association Tajikistan" project, were transferred into the online format.

In 2020, the entire population of planet Earth faced a new dangerous challenge - the COVID-19 pandemic, and this challenge changed the traditional formats of work in our sector, as in many others. Thus, most of the activities of the "Capacity building and institutional development of the Adult Education Association Tajikistan (AEAT)" project in Tajikistan were transferred to digital formats. In response to the new conditions, which were sometimes unusual in Tajikistan, we had to master new forms and platforms in our work.

One of the main activities of AEAT in 2020 was the completion of the first pilot training cycle with the Curriculum globALE (CG) programme in Tajikistan. An examination for the CG training participants was conducted in an online format. Before the exam, participants passed courses on the use of online platforms in the context of ALE, offering them an opportunity to start using online platforms in their further work - when conducting trainings, meetings, participating in webinars, etc.

The final assessment of the knowledge, skills, and learning of the CG participants was based on their written presentations of the vision for the further development of the CG programme in Tajikistan. Also, participants provided options of developed training sessions and passed online interviews.

The interviews were conducted by ALE experts: Prof. Katharina Popovich (Serbia), Elena Sabirova (Uzbekistan), and the two trainers Firuza Nasyrova and Shakhlo Abdunabizoda (Tajikistan). According to the results of the examination, 5 participants received “master-trainer” certificates, 15 participants “trainer” certificates, and four - “participant” certificates. 

The CG Program in Tajikistan is a good practice example for the successful completion of a CG training cycle during a pandemic. In 2021, the experiences with the digital formats will partially be used to train specialists of the Academy of Public Administration Tajikistan along the CG. 

D. Bakaeva

Executive Director of AEAT


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