First forum on role of Badakhshan youth in business development

Within the EU funded project, “Youth Empowerment toward Sustainability and Change” (YES to Change) the first annual forum on the role of Badakhshan youth in business development will be held in Khorog with participants from all GBAO districts. The objective is to improve networking structures and policy dialogue mechanisms to promote youth participation in social and economic life of their communities through youth forums and other networking activities, as well as to promote youth participation in business development.

To achieve this objective, DVV International (Tajikistan) works with three local organizations, including the Public Organization (PO) “Madina” (Khorog), which works on youth business promotion component. The component consists of a) training courses on "Start and Improve Your Business, b) grant support to the youth business initiatives/ proposals, received from among the 420 participants of the above-mentioned business training courses, and c) promotion of networking and youth participation in the social and economic life of their communities.

To accomplish the last component (c), PO “Madina” holds the first annual forum on role of Badakhshan youth in business development, with participation of about 50 participants from all the 7 GBAO districts,
represented by participants of the training and business start-up support grant programs,  stakeholders (trainers and consultants), local and regional (viloyat) governments, local business, media and partners. The forum is supposed to bring together different categories and experience level of business representatives and stakeholders to discuss the existing business development environment, trends, needs, constraints and achievements. It is also expected, that the forum serves a start point to the youth business networking, aimed at the overall economic development and improvements. The forum will take place in Khorog, at “Delhi Darbar” hotel Conference Hall, between 08.30 and 14.00.

Background information: In March 2015, with support from the European Union, the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International) initiated a new 3-year Project called within the framework of the EU “Peace Building Partnership Programme”.

The project is funded by the European Union (494,096 Euros = 80%) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (130,904 Euros = 20%). The Project activity targets 7 districts of Badakhshan and its capital town Khorog.


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