According to Ainura, beekeeping is a family business that has turned into an income-generating hobby. She is happy to share her impressions of this unique profession, to which she went for a very long time and consciously

Picture 1. Ainura Kadykeeva in a yellow suit during the "Beekeeping" course.

Picture 2. The process of obtaining honey

Picture 3. Giving certificates to graduates of the "Beekeeping" course, trainer Ainura Kadykeeva.

Today we want to share the story of Ainura Kadykeyeva, who works as a beekeeper and supports her family. Before, she could not even imagine that she would be doing such a thing. She learned this profession from her father-in-law when she got married. Her new family was engaged in the production of honey and continues to conduct this activity from generation to generation. Traditionally, this was done by men. In those days it was difficult to imagine a woman beekeeper. Love for nature and a new business helped to cope with the difficulties in the perception of society. Ainura began to help her husband, thus gradually mastering all the subtleties of this profession.

Ainura Kadykeeva was born in the Naryn region. By profession, she is a food technologist. After getting married, Ainura moved to her husband in Temir village in the Issyk-Kul region. Currently, she is a teacher at professional lyceum 42, where she teaches cooking courses. Ainura is also a specialist in willow weaving, the manufacture of baskets from willow branches.

According to Ainura, beekeeping is a family business that has turned into an income-generating hobby. She is happy to share her impressions of this unique profession, to which she went for a very long time and consciously.

This is the second year that Ainura has been conducting beekeeping courses within the framework of professional courses supported by KAEA. She is happy to share her experience during the training. After training a group of beekeepers in 2021, the demand for this profession in the region has increased, as the flora and fauna of the region are the most favorable for breeding bees. Graduates of the course purchased beehives and this year they plan to produce 2 times more bee products.

Unfortunately, Ainura's husband had a stroke a few years ago and cannot help his wife run a bee farm. However, her experience and professionalism allow her to cope with this on her own for the benefit of the family, course participants, and consumers of bee products.

With the support of Ainura, tasting and sale of organic bee products are held in the events held by KAEA, job places are created for local residents who do not intend to go on labor migration. According to the data, more men than women leave for labor migration, as women are more involved in household and family care. Now, these women also have the opportunity to learn a new profession as a beekeeper.

Currently, the issue of preserving ecology and biodiversity is being raised more. The Issyk-Kul region in the Kyrgyz Republic is unique in its geographical location; mountains, meadows, and lakes attract many tourists. The course "Beekeeping" is in demand both to help breed and preserve bees, and to generate income by selling honey and bee products.

People with the specialty "Beekeeper" have great opportunities and skills to propagate the apiary, as today, according to statistics, the need for environmentally friendly products is growing. Therefore, obtaining this profession will give them the opportunity not only to ensure self-employment but also to receive high earnings. In addition, having the skills of a beekeeper, one can apply them in individual activities without leaving the Issyk-Kul region.

Bee products are successfully sold on the local market due to the large flow of tourists, on the domestic market due to the great demand for Issyk-Kul honey, and in recent years more and more products are exported to nearby and distant countries. The bee industry needs to expand and breed bees first of all to save the ecosystem. In this regard, the idea of ​​the training center to test this course and further multiply it has a proven commercial basis, since self-employment of a beekeeper brings a stable income, improves the health of the beekeeper himself and everyone who consumes bee products, and also undoubtedly works for the benefit of saving the ecosystem.

The "Beekeeper" course refers to professional specialties in demand on the labor market since honey is the purest and most useful product, and the ability to preserve and take care of bees, and hives, and obtain a useful product will always and everywhere be relevant.

By mastering the profession of "Beekeeper" one can not only earn money consistently but also please his family with environmentally friendly products and involve children in caring for the environment.

Karagul kyzy Cholpon
Executive Director of Kyrgyz Adult Education Association

Contact details of the KAEA:
Tel.: +996 552 925 125, +996 312 613 711


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