Laboratory of Innovative Education 2022

Project’s duration is 6.5 months, May, 16- November, 30, 2022 y.

Project implementer: Public Foundation Institute for Youth Development NGO


Contracting Authority:

Donor of the project: BMZ

Financing (amount): 24 574,91 Евро

Project’s duration is 6.5 months, May, 16- November, 30, 2022 y.

Project implementer: Public Foundation Institute for Youth Development NGO


Begimai Zhunusova, PF “Institute for Youth Development”, project coordinator

Av. 41 A Manas, Bishkek city

Tel: +996 771 07 72 07



Jarkynay Usupova, DVV International in the Kyrgyz Republic, project manager

Bishkek city, str. 402, Frunze

Tel: +996 312 32 39 01
       +996 558 99 55 76


Location(s) of the action:

Bishkek city. Kyrgyzstan


Activities on the micro level.

Overall objective of the project:

The development of the youth of the Kyrgyz Republic in the development of product development.

Objective of micro level:

Promotion of digital production and innovative inventions among the youth of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Target group:

Young people from 16 to 35 years old interested in gaining skills and Youth people of 15–35 years old from all regions of the country. Direct beneficiaries (participants of offline trainings) - 46 people.

Project activities:

  1. Bootcamp for young inventors
  2. Laser cutting and engraving training
  3. Training in 3D modeling
  4.  Development of an online course for inventors and placement on the    MOZGI platform (


1.1. Participants will be able to independently develop useful models and samples in the field of solving social, economic, environmental problems, and learn about opportunities for further development as young inventors.

2.1. Participants will be able to independently develop products on various laser machines.

3.1. Participants will be able to develop a complete product using 3D modeling skills on a computer.

4.1. The course will help young inventors who want to develop utility models/designs, patent their invention, or prepare for innovation festivals/competitions.


The State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzpatent, is an authorized state executive body that ensures a unified state policy in the field of intellectual property protection and innovation development. Cooperation with Kyrgyzpatent within the framework of the project will consist in the distribution of announcements on the recruitment of participants for educational events, conducting trainings and consultation, as well as a coverage of events.

FabLab Bishkek at the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov ( is a digital production laboratory, the so-called production site in which there is a 3D printer, a laser cutter, numerical control machine, a vinyl cutter, electronic parts, etc. FabLab will provide a platform with the necessary equipment for training.

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