Laboratory of Innovative Education

Project’s duration is 9 months, March, 15- December, 15, 2021.

Project implementer Public Foundation "Youth Development Institution”


Contracting Authority:

Donor of the project: BMZ

Financing (amount): 21 837 EUR

Project’s duration is 9 months, March, 15- December, 15, 2021.

Project implementer Public Foundation "Youth Development Institution”


Ms. Madina Sarkulova, PF “Youth Development Institution”, project coordinator

Bishkek city, str. 23A Zhurnalnaya

Tel: +996 999 88 78 07


Ms. Jarkynay Usupova, DVV International in the Kyrgyz Republic, project manager

Bishkek city, str. 402, Frunze

Tel: +996 312 32 39 01
       +996 558 99 55 76


Location(s) of the action:

Bishkek city.Kyrgyzstan


Activities on the micro level.

Overall objective of the project:

Development of an innovative learning laboratory as a sustainable mechanism for increasing the potential of young people using digital tools.


Development and launch of high-quality and popular courses on the platform

Development and promotion of innovative products among young people

Providing a recording studio for recording various programs

Target group:

Young people from 16 to 35 years old interested in gaining skills and knowledge through the online educational platform

Young directors, cameramen, journalists, bloggers who develop media products and are interested in developing their materials on the basis of the Innovation Studio.

Youth organizations that develop media products as part of their educational projects.

Young teachers and trainers aged 18-30 who are interested in developing online courses.

Project activities:

Offline School for the Development of Online Courses: Training

Offline School for the Development of Online Courses: Practice - Development of Online Courses and Contest for the Best Video Lesson

Development and maintenance of the podcast "Zhash Zharatman" (Young creator

Purchase of equipment for conducting trainings on the development of online courses

Development of courses for the educational platform

Development and maintenance of Youtube transmission

Conducting an information campaign on the work of the youth innovation studio

Conducting master classes and webinars



Participants of the training will be able to develop online courses and have knowledge in developing a script for their media products, have technical knowledge in video processing

Participants will be able to independently organize the process of filming and developing online lessons. Due to the material and technical support of the project, 5 participants of the offline school will be able to use the acquired skills in their online educational activities using the necessary equipment

The podcast has at least 500 listeners nationwide. The podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in Kyrgyzstan and further in Central Asia.

One Youtube program for youth will be developed. Youtube broadcast will be the first youth broadcast with educational and enlightening content for youth, which will broadcast images of citizenship, human rights values. Creation of a loyal audience and users from among young people, loyal to the values of democracy, self-development, citizenship etc.

On an ongoing basis, the innovative studio is used by organizations that are interested in developing media products for a certain cost of renting a room. The funds received from the work of the studio will be used for the further development of the studio and for the repair of equipment. Target group of IRM: youth organizations, young specialists actively use the studio to develop their programs for free.

Creation of an informal communication platform for young professionals to exchange experience, develop media products. Participants will gain practical skills in the development of media products, will use the studio to implement their ideas. Products developed within the framework of webinars and master classes will be published on the organization's page.

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