The profession of "Hairdresser" served as a means of increasing the self-esteem of female prisoners

On February 27, 2021, a ceremony of awarding of 10 female-prisoners by the State certificates took in the penitentiary institution 3/8 in Nurek.

In January 2021, within the framework of the project "Promoting Access to Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights to Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners in Tajikistan" (SECRET 3), started the process of vocational course for 10 female prisoners in the penitentiary institution #3/8 Nurek city on profession of "Hairdresser". Teacher of this profession adapted her curricula to organize training, taking into account the regime in the penitentiary institution. In addition, during the training, all precautions for contamination of COVID-19 (masks, antiseptics and social distance) were observed.

The professional courses are organized by the project partner, Public Organization “Jahon” in close cooperation with the state institution "Center for Adult Education of Tajikistan" which provides professional course teachers. Representative of the Center for Adult Education of Tajikistan asked some questions on the profession of “Hairdresser” to which the female-prisoners responded very actively. The Head of penitentiary institution 3\8 also attended this event and advised female-prisoners to continue practicing the profession in the penitentiary institution as well as in freedom, since this profession is in demand and income-generating.

The teacher of the course noted following: “In the process of work, I became more and more convinced that obtaining professional skills for female prisoners turned out to be an important means of increasing self-esteem.”

Female-prisoners of penitentiary institution 3\8 Nurek demonstrated different hairstyles, hair dyeing process, and noted the importance of observing safety precautions at work.

It was observed that all female prisoners were very pleased with the Hairdresser course, as they all wanted to show what they had learned. Some of the them expressed their willingness to start their own business with the acquired profession after release from the prison. One of the female-prisoners mentioned that this would help them to find jobs after release and give them the opportunity to improve their economic situation.

While awarding the Certificates, the representative of the Center for Adult Education of Tajikistan noted that these certificates are recognized not only in Tajikistan, but also in all countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

It is to remind that this activity is carried out within the framework of the project “ Promoting Access to Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights to Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners in Tajikistan” (SECRET 3), funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The project is being implemented by DVV International in Tajikistan in partnership with local civil society organizations “Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law” and “Jahon”.


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Mrs. Zarrina Khalikova, Country Director, DVV International in Tajikistan,

Mrs. Shahlo Abdunabizoda, Director of PO “Jahon”,

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