Innovation Fund 2019


In 2019, within the framework of the Small Grants Program for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations, DVV International in Uzbekistan supported innovative people-oriented projects of four civil society organizations:

 1) “The World Through the Eyes of Youth”, Bukhara branch of the NGO ‘Istiqbolli Avlod’ – the Republican Social and Information Center;

2) "Together We Are Power!", the NGO ‘Imkoniyat’ in Navoi region;

3) "Mobile Social Service", the NGO ‘Mekhrjon’ – the Center for social and legal support for women and children, Fergana valley;

4) “Preventing Human Trafficking among Youth”, Namangan branch of the NGO ‘Istiqbolli Avlod’ – the Republican Social and Information Center.


1. The NGO ‘Istiqbolli Avlod’ project “The World Through the Eyes of Youth” was focused on increasing participation of active youth and youth leaders in decision-making process in Bukhara. The project applied an innovative approach of collective production of video reels. This approaches teaches how to build an effective team and work collectively on producing video reels on existing social problems.

At the trainings participants gained skills in film-making, writing scenarios and acting techniques. In the aftermath, participants produced three social video reels on ‘Preventing Human Trafficking’, ‘We are against extremism and terrorism’ and ‘Preventing Domestic Violence’. The filming took place in the old part of Bukhara and the Bukhara State Medical Institute.

2. The NGO “Imkoniyat” successfully implemented project “Together We Are Power!” in partnership with the government agencies. The main purpose of the project was to improve legal literacy of unemployed youth and high school students in Navbakhor district of Navoi region. Young people constitute more than half of the population (56%) in the project implementation area. Some makhallas of the district are located far away from the urban center, which makes it difficult for young people and the general public to access information, particularly legal consultation services. The project prepared 120 volunteers who further conducted legal-awareness seminars in 38 schools and 41 makhallas of the district. The project increased participation of young people in addressing social challenges.

3. The NGO Mekhrjon project ‘Mobile Social Service’ provided legal, psychological and social support to the vulnerable women – particularly females from low-income and large families, unemployed, single mothers and young females from socially disadvantage families – living in the rural area of Ferghana valley. Women in the rural areas face various challenges and stigmas: violation of their rights, difficulties in labour market, domestic violence/abuse and difficult living/family conditions. The mobile social service provided the opportunity for women to receive consultation from professional lawyers and psychologists as well as advices on business basics.

4. Within the project ‘Preventing Human Trafficking among Youth’, the branch of NGO ‘Istiqbolli Avlod' in Namangan organized series of trainings on addressing illicit migration among young people which was designed for the youth mentors (parents, makhalla activists, employees of the youth organizations, psychologists of education institutions). The project was implemented in the selected-regions with the largest number of migrants: Papsky, Chustsky, Kasansay and Namangan. During the training, participants advanced their skills in modern communication techniques and public/community work with youth as well as received information on the organization which provide legal/psychological support to migrants and victims of human trafficking. The knowledge gained by mentors will be further apply in their work with young people.




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