NGO "SABR" –  Capacity building & piloting curricula (2013 – 2019)

Project location 

Uzbekistan: Samarkand city and Samarkand region.

Project timeframe from 2013 to present time.  
Mission (SABR) Assistance in improvement of social and economical state of the vulnerable layers of population, activation of their civil position, development of abilities and opportunities by the instrumentality of introduction of social innovations on the grounds of democratic valuables and social partnership.  

Priority programs (SABR)

Social programs; creation and development of Local Development Centers (LDC); Microfinance program to support socially vulnerable groups; Information resource program.  

Main activities


Rendering psychological, social and legal, medical support to women and children in a crisis situation (field meetings with the population, in-person counseling and telephone hotlines, etc.); introducing professional skills to women and girls from vulnerable groups; implementation of a microloan program for low-income and economically active groups of population for improving their socio-economic status; preparation of publications and methodological manuals; conducting informative and educational activities (trainings, forums, round tables, media campaigns); providing methodological and practical assistance to NGOs.  

Partnership Objectives

Raising welfare and living standards of women and youth from the vulnerable groups of population through capacity building of NGO “SABR”. The NGO has better conditions for financial sustainability compared to many other Uzbek civil society organizations – "SABR" has a subsidiary licensed as a microfinance instituti­on, which is operating successfully.


Supporting by DVV International

(Project background, history and context)

The cooperation began with small-scale projects each in 2013 and 2014. In 2013, the partner organization was funded to organize labor-market relevant vocational training for the socially disadvantaged from the Samarkand region (Urgut district). 57 women were given access to free of charge training on 3 profes­sions. In 2014, cooperation in the same field continued and additional 40 women were trained. After that it was decided to extent partnership on a long-term project "Social partnership in action: Skills development for better life".  From 2015, a new approach has been developed, which should not only provide vocational training, but also legal and psychological counselling and personal develop­ment training. Another component of the cooperation was the further training of employees in the form of participation in inter­national events in the field of adult education, training of trainers and organizational development analysis, which was carried out by an invited expert from Germany.  The technical capaci­ties of the NGO have also been built and offers for vocational training have been expanded.

Target groups

Partner NGO “SABR”, Local Development Centers in Samarkand, Urgut and Akdarya districts of the Samarkand region, women and youth from the vulnerable groups of population.

Project approach The project has an integrated approach, aimed at forming demanded vocational skills on the local labor market as well as promoting personal development of women and youth from the vulnerable population groups. In addition, the project with promote capacity building activities for the partner NGO “SABR”, develop its positive experience in cooperation with stakeholders and governmental bodies, lead a dialogue on the local and national level on Adult Education.  

Achieved results

  • Since 2013 several projects and big events have been implemented (about 150000 euro);
  • Organizational and institutional development of the “SABR are supported”;
  • Training modules on professions with the involvement of specialists are developed
  • LDCs are equipped with necessary equipment;
  • Over 500 participants were involved in the project activities.
Other Int. partners  Haven Wolverhampton (United Kingdom); URU Connect (United Kingdom).  

Contact details


Address: 140105, 65, Mir Said Baraka str, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Telephone: +998 66 233-66-66

Fax: +99866 233-76-90. Website:   FB:   

Contact person:  Mavludakhon Shirinova, Director.


More info below:

Document №1

Document №2

Video film about activities of "SABR"

The film was shot to the 20th anniversary of “SABR”.

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