Study: Adult Learning and Education in Uzbekistan


     In today’s globalized world, adult learning and education (ALE) becomes a pivotal element to advance people’s well-being and competitiveness in the labour market. ALE provides the opportunity to advance professional knowledge and skills for adults. In Uzbekistan, ALE still remains an unexplored subject. There is no any ALE study available, which could serve a foundation for the development of ALE concept or programme. Considering these shortages, the Scientific and Applied Research Center “Oila” under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the DVV International in Uzbekistan implements joint ALE research project which is aimed at examining three specific components in adult education:


  1. Analyzing the capacity of the state (formal sector) and non-state adult education institutions (non-formal sector). The information collected will help to picture the organizational capacity and existing challenges in delivering adult education services in Uzbekistan;
  2. Conducting empirical field research on exploring adults’ participation in adult learning and education programmes by applying the EU tool ‘Adult Education Survey’ (AES). In addition, the recommendations on adapting the AES for further researches will be prepared;
  3. Preparing the analytical report ‘Adult Learning and Education in Uzbekistan: Contemporary Situation and Perspectives for Development’. The project results will be presented to the government, experts’ community, relevant government agencies, non-government education institutions and media.


It is assumed that the prepared national report will serve a foundation for developing the national concept on adult learning and education in Uzbekistan.

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