Why ALE (adult learning&education) is important? Argument # 1

Every second Kaktus Media surveyed subscribers (50% of the total) reported that they know nothing about adult learning&education (ALE).

Why ALE (adult learning&education) is important?

Every second Kaktus Media (Kyrgyz news media) surveyed subscriber (50% of the total) reported that they know nothing about adult learning&education (ALE). We'll start by talking about five arguments for adult learning and education (ALE).

Argument # 1. One profession for the entire life. The times when you could learn one profession and work in one place for for the entire life are over. If for example earlier the profession of a shoemaker brought a stable income, now, when it is cheaper to buy new shoes than to repair old ones, shoemakers may be out of work, like representatives of many other professions, which eventually lose their relevance.

Prepared within the framework of the "Adult Education - the Key to Development" project implemented by the Institute for Youth Development with the support of DVV International Kyrgyzstan in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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