Optimization of the library space for adult education in the public libraries of the Kyrgyz Republic

(January 2019- present) – Duration 12 months

Overall objective: Create training areas for training on the basis of pilot libraries of Kyrgyzstan


Contracting Authority:

Donor of the project: BMZ

Financing (amount): EUR

- 16,381 Euro - 2019 events

- 3639 Euro (February 2019) - Introductory seminar - "Optimization of the library space for adult education in the libraries of the Kyrgyz Republic"

Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association / (DVV International – IIZ/DVV)


Micro and Meso levels


Association "Library and Information Consortium of Kyrgyzstan"


Makebaeva Ainura, DVV International Representative Office in the Kyrgyz Republic, Project Coordinator

E: makebaeva@dvv-international.kg

Tel: +996 312 323 901, 0558 858758

Location(s) of the action:

Kyrgyz Republic

Objectives of the action

Creation of training areas based on pilot libraries for adult education. These can be trainings in various areas, based on the situational needs of the region in which the library is located.

Target group(s)

Adult population of working age, statistics of which show that it is about 4 million of the main population of Kyrgyzstan, aged 16-58 years.

Description of project activities:

It is proposed to involve four pilot libraries in the project: the Republican Library for Children and Youth (Bishkek), the Osh Regional Children's Library (Osh), the Batken Regional Library and the Talas Regional Library, in which to create training sites for adult education. To implement the project, it is proposed: to purchase equipment, train the heads of training centers on the development strategies of training centers, develop training programs based on the needs of the region, then train 120 students of an adult population (10 people in one month) based on a training program.


The project will help adults in the region adapt to the changing socio-economic situation, learn new skills, for example, avoid possible risks in obtaining a loan for business development, find a job as a copywriter after a course of computer skills, and so on. Accordingly, the skills acquired in the training centers will increase the competitiveness of the adult population of the regions and the city of Bishkek in the country's labor market.

Additional information:

For further information, please contact:http://www.bik.org.kg/ru/news/213/

Association "Library and Information Consortium of Kyrgyzstan" (LIC of Kyrgyzstan)

Bishkek, st. Sovetskaya, 208

Nurilya Sarybaeva, +996554009791



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