The Center of Secondary Special Vocational Education (SSPO) under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

SSPO is responsible for the coordination and the direct management of the country's secondary special vocational education system. It acts as an ordering agent for the projection, construction, major refurbishment and reconstruction of educational institutions. The Center of SSPO is responsible for selection, training and skills improvement of teachers and production unit masters.  It provides information, textbooks, study aids, it also implements new pedagogical and information technologies, develops state standards and monitors that they are followed by educational institutions. Read more

The Uzbek Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

The Uzbek Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MLSP) is an important partner for the dvv international representative office in Tashkent.

The cooperation and partnership agreement between the dvv international representative office and MLSP was signed in November 2002.

On the basis of this agreement dvv international and the MLSP are implementing the following project activities:


  • Joint implementation of measures directed at training and retraining the unemployed
  • Methodical and technical assistance to educational centers working in the field of retraining the unemployed
  • Assisting MLSP in management and staff retraining

To this date, dvv international and MLSP have jointly implemented a number of projects aimed at retraining the unemployed.

In particular, dvv international has provided technical and methodological assistance to the Tashkent Educational Center to establish computer and knitting classes.

The opening ceremony of those classes was held on January 2003. Mr. O.Obidov, minister of MLSP, Mr. B.Kamalov, the head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Tashkent, and representatives of the business community and the media participated in that ceremony.

Currently the computer and knitting classes are equipped with the latest technology provided by the dvv international. 30 to 60 people are studying in those classes each day in two to three shifts.

Besides that some employees of the MLSP visited Germany to participate in the seminar “The System of Professional Continuous Education in Germany” that took place in Wuppertal from November 24 to December 4, 2002.

The participation at this seminar gave the employees of MLSP a chance to have a closer look at the system of professional continuous education in Germany, the ideas behind the German dual system of education and its advantages.

During the seminar the Uzbek delegation discussed some important issues concerning the promotion of adult education in their country and exchanged experience in the field of professional retraining with other participants of the seminar.

Chamber of commerce and industry of Uzbekistan

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 7, July, 2004 "On creation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan" the Chamber of commodity producers and entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan was closed and its tasks were transferred to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Chamber carries out the following tasks (among others):

  • Assisting the development of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan
  • Assistance to the country's entrepreneurs with regard to organizational, legal and other aspects 
  • Supporting the development of an education system and professional training for entrepreneurs
  • Supporting the development of a concept of entrepreneurship development, as well as the implementation of mechanisms of public control over the activity of enterprises
  • Keeping a database of the entrepreneurs on the basis of the state register of the enterprises and the organizations