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In September, the DVV International International in Uzbekistan announced a competitive small grants programme for civil society organizations on the topic: “Innovative approaches in promoting...

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The DVV International team in Uzbekistan began to carry out monitoring visits to organizations implementing projects in the framework of the Innovation Fund. The first trip took place on November...

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On September 12, a press tour was conducted in Bishkek with participation of five news agencies, five television channels and one printing publication. The event was aimed at familiarizing the...

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Created by Dr. Thekla Kelbert, Regional director of DVV International in Central Asia

Exchange on adult education centre best practices between Central Asia and Georgia

For many in DVV International, Georgia has become a synonym for their network of Adult Education Centres in community ownership, latest after the conference on ‘Adult Education Centres as a key...

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Best Projects and Practices in Central Asia

The publication is dedicated to the 15 year anniversary of our engagement in Central Asia, covering successfully implemented projects in three countries of the region – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

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