Education and cultural day in female prison of Tajikistan

Nurek town, 22.10.2015

Right to Education is a constitutional right of every human being in Tajikistan. The mechanism for realization of the prisoners’ right to education has its own specifics.  The right to education should be considered as opportunity for every prisoner, with some restrictions set by the criminal and executive legislation to use all educational benefits available. General education and vocational training are considered not only as the main correction methods for prisoners, but also a way to expand their opportunities for social reintegration after release in order to provide them with relevant knowledge and skills needed for full-fledged life in the society.

The Education and Cultural Day in Nurek Female Prison was aimed to publicize successful results on interaction of government institutions, civil society organizations and international donors in preparation of female prisoners to release through human capacity building of vocational education trainers and masters, technical and material capacity building of female prison to host vocational education and implementation of vocational courses for female prisoners in professions in demand at the labour market.

Local partners, administration of the female prison and the most active direct project beneficiaries organized "Education and Cultural Day" to share the project achievements and to demonstrate changed attitude, gained knowledge and skills, and increased self-esteem among the female prisoners upon completion of educational programs.

The event included various contests, including a poster contest "Education in My Life", demonstration of gained skills among the graduates of professional courses through fashion and hairdressers show, delivery of certificates to graduates and site visits to the rehabilitated and equipped training classrooms and production workshops.

Representatives of government institutions, international organizations, and public associations were invited to attend the Education and Cultural Day in Female Prison.

The event was organized within the project on «Social-Economic and Cultural Rights of Prisoners and Ex-prisoners in Tajikistan», funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The project is implemented by the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV international) together with two local partners – Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law and NGO Jahon.