March 2019

National Youth Forum “History and Identity: Youth, Religion and Democracy”

Winning team "Adrenaline" during the discussion on the Quize game runned by the project

The cover of the oral history collection published by the project: "History, traditions and modernity." (Cover Illustrator: T. Dedikova)

Speech by Mr. Kadyr Malikov on the topic: "Values of religion and democracy in the contemporary world"

Welcome speech by EU Representative Luca Carapelli and Regional Director of DVV International in Central Asia Dr. Thekla Kelbert

Performance of the Forum Theater from Talas: scene where the father beats his son in front of his mother, and the mother tries to calm them

Performance of the Forum Theater from Osh: scene where the girl who, due to the family situation, got married at a minor age, was subjected to violence in her new family. As a result of domestic violence she may not be able to have children in the future and decides to commit suicide

Eliyana-Maryam Satarova, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Islamic magazine “Umma”, Ambassador of the "World Hijab Day" in the Kyrgyz Republic

Nursultan Kursanali uulu, screenwriter, actor, moderator, resident of the sketch show "Zharyt City", "Kylysh Kerek Movement" and other projects

Joint photo of the Forum participants

Within the framework of the DREAM project (Democracy and Religion - Dialogue between equal and moderate votes) on January 31 - February 1, 2019, the National Youth Forum “History and Identity: Youth, Religion and Democracy” was held in the Diamond Hall in the Diamond Hall.

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The National Youth Forum "History and Identity: Youth, Religion and Democracy" by the DREAM project (Democracy and Religion - Dialogue between equal and moderate votes), was held January 31 - February 1, 2019 in the Hotel DAMAS, in the Diamond hall. This Forum was organized by the Representative Office of DVV International in the Kyrgyz Republic together with partners from the Institute for Youth Development and the Youth of Osh.

The project is implemented by DVV International and CRISP in partnership with the NGO "Institute for Youth Development" and the NGO "Youth of Osh", with financial support from the European Union and co-funding of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ). 

The Forum was attended by 90 representatives from the state and non-state sectors of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, as well as participants from the following locations: Naryn, At-Bashy, Talas, Ak-Dobo, Karakol, p. Kyzyl-Suu, s. Jany-Zher, Bishkek, Osh, Kyzyl-Kiya, Kumush-Aziz, Beshik Jon, Jalal-Abad. Also among the guests were representatives of various international organizations and participants who learned about our event through Facebook and expressed their desire to attend our event.

The first day was devoted to the topic: “History and Religion: Youth, Religion and Democracy” and the children had the opportunity to listen to such speakers as Kadyr Malikov (Theologian, Director of the Independent Analytical Center Religion, Law and Politics) and Kydyrmyshev Nazikbek Samidinovich (Eleri Bitikchi - philosopher, a public figure, a researcher of Kyrgyz history, a connoisseur of ancient Kyrgyz culture and bittik letters). They shared interesting information on “Identity, history and modernity,” as well as “Values of religion and democracy in the modern world,” and have focused on the fact that we must not forget our origins, as well as the need to combine the qualities of an active citizen of our country.

A joint product was also presented - a collection of oral histories “History, traditions and modernity”. The authors of the stories were the members of the youth initiative groups of the DREAM project, schoolchildren and students of 14-22 years from 7 cities and villages of our country who for 3 months collected stories of their community. The guys, who had no previous experience of writing texts, interviewed the older generation, their peers, and thus studied the history of the region, reconstructed historical events. In total, 168 people participated in this process, more than 580 oral stories were collected, 70 of which were included in this collection.

After the presentation of this collection, the participants read their stories. Then, they shared their feelings and impressions that have arisen during data collection of stories. Nurzhan Tulegabylova, a methodologist, a curator of oral histories, shared methods of collecting oral histories, as well as what tasks and problems the guys faced, and what had to know during the interview. The collected stories reflect what is happening in Kyrgyzstan, what is the role and the place was given the national youth in building the country's future and how ordinary people of different nationalities and religions live.

At the end of the first day, the organizers conducted an interactive QUIZE game on the theme: “History and Identity: Youth, Religion and Democracy”, during which the guys divided into teams played two rounds: “Finger in the sky” and “Quiz game”. According to the results of this game, the team “Adreanlin” won, scoring a greater number of points (26.5) following the results of two rounds. The game ended with the delivery of prizes for teamwork and coordinated work.

The second day was full of emotional impact and motivational speeches. The participants of the Forum-Theater groups from Talas and Osh in the amount of 12 people presented the perfomance and the forum-theater method on topical issues that reflect the problems of our society. During the performances, participants could stop and change the situation at any time by playing the role of one of the heroes. Thus, they expressed their opinion about the behavior and act of the characters of the play. Thus, the children wanted the youth to feel and understand the urgency of the actual problems such as: Early marriages and their consequences; Lack of access to education for young girls; The fate of the children of migrants; The lack of money in the family, the inability to buy something; Teen suicide; Bad relationships with parents, etc. "Forum Theater" is seen as a means of stimulating people to be active to protect their rights and improve society through a change in their behavior. The task of the presentation is to push the audience to actively solve their problems, to raise the debate in society. Secondary results are positive changes in the acting group, changes in the personality of the actors.

Also, Chorobek Saadanbekov, head of the public foundation “Bizdin Muras”, a media worker, made a presentation on how “The Role of Media is important in the Making of Modern Youth”. Indeed, today, almost everyone uses gadgets and passes through a huge amount of unverified information and how this information can affect at our consciousness and development. Therefore, he talked about how important it is for guys to have critical thinking and to be able to filter information, as well as verify the authenticity of data and facts. Also, media products were presented that were created in the frame of this project on the topic: “Is vaccination allowed in Islam?”, “Can I draw in Islam”, “Can I study astronomy”, “Can I listen to music” and etc., and these videos as “DREAM: against stereotypes".  

The most exciting part of the day was that the guys could get to know such speakers as: Eliana, Maryam Satarov, the founder, chief editor of the Islamic magazine "Umma", the ambassador of "World Day of the handkerchief" in Kyrgyzstan, Erlan Kamalov, the founder of "Enaktus" team in Osh, Nursultan Kursanali uulu, screenwriter, actor, presenter, resident of the “Zharayt City” sketch show, “Dvizheniye Kylysh Kerek” and other projects.

These speakers shared his motivational speech, talked about how they were going to his dream and what difficulties awaited them on the way, but no matter what, because of their origins, their family and parents, their surroundings, self-education, as well as persistent labor, they are who they are. This session was easy and was full of humor and sincerity. The guys were able to ask questions of interest, as well as charge with positive energy.

And in the end I would like to add: “If we want to change the world, then we must start with ourselves. Do not be stereotyped, be bold and be creative, work on yourself and practice self-education, develop critical thinking, remember our history and traditions, because they led us to who we are now. ”

The main goal of the project is to foster a cohesive and democratic society in Kyrgyzstan through engaging and strengthening the potential of various stakeholders, in particular representatives of the youth sector.

The project is implemented by DVV International and CRISP in partnership with the NGO "Institute for Youth Development" and the NGO "Youth of Osh", with financial support from the European Union and co-funding of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ). #DREAM_KG #EUForeignPolicy #EUKG

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