September 2017

DVV International builds the capacity of branches of State Institution “Adult Training Center” in Khatlon region and Rasht valley

Adult vocational and technical training and retraining in Tajikistan, including unemployed and needy people, especially labor migrants is performed mainly at Adult Training Centers (ATC) of Tajikistan at the Agency for Labor and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan. Today adult training system consists of 39 ATC branches and 33 their representative offices in all regions of the country.

Starting from 2006, the country office of DVV International in Tajikistan supported by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) cooperates with the Ministry for Labor, Migration and Employment of the republic of Tajikistan and the Agency for Labor and Employment with the purpose of supporting poverty reduction through investing in vocational training and adult education.     

For the period from 2013 to 2017 the country office of DVV International in Tajikistan had aimed at strengthening material and technical and training bases ATC branches in Khatlon region and Rasht valley. There was a material and technical base and educational needs analysis conducted first. On the results of the analysis series of trainings and seminars conducted for 20 ATC staff from Kulob, Kurgantube cities and 20 ATC staff from Faizabad, Rasht, Nurabad, Rogun, Vahdat and Tajikabad districts from the amount of managers and teachers. They have had trainings on educational services market research, interactive teaching and learning methods and strategic planning. “Mainly ATC staff possesses experience of working in secondary schools with children. Upon completion of the courses arranged by DVV International, we obtained skills for work with adults and paid more attention to practical training” stated Mirzovaliev Saymuhtor, Director of the branch of ATC in Rasht district.

Textbooks of methods for ATC teachers on “Confectioner”, “Dressmaker” and “Electric and Gas Welder” developed and published. The technical capacity of ATC branches in Kulob city, Faizabad and Rasht districts strengthened through provision of training equipment on professions: “Dressmaker”, “Electric and Gas Welder”, “Confectioner”, “Hairdresser” and “Computer Operator”.

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